Success Stories

"When ACE became involved with my son he became the person he always wanted to be–confident, socially appropriate, and able to earn an income doing what he likes. They took the time to gain his trust and understand him and his needs. He would not be where he is today without their support."

–Kelly, parent of a client

“When people have dyslexia and have no one out there to help them, it’s hard to get out in the world. But when someone comes to help them, a whole new world will open up for them. I (Cathy) have dyslexia and I got help. Without the help, I would not be able to write this letter to you.”

–Cathy, adult client

“We knew our son was falling behind. Kyle was struggling and had almost given up on learning.  He was a bright child, but was completely frustrated in school.  We had the blessing of finding professional help and were able to progress Kyle from a Kindergarten reading level in third grade to an accomplished reader in fourth grade.  We now have to encourage him to put a book down and, most importantly, Kyle identifies himself as a ‘reader’.”

––JoAnn, parent of a student