ACE offers the following services:

  • diagnostic assessments;
  • instruction in reading, mathematics, writing, spelling and time management/study strategies;
  • job readiness and related skills, including training in the social skills/soft skills necessary for job success; 
  • literacy instruction training for tutors; and,
  • assistive technology (speech-to-text and text-to-speech) training.


        ACE is a 501(c)3 organization and largely         funded through tuition income (a sliding fee         scale) and generous donations from         foundations and individuals who believe in the         work we do. 


        Our clients receive individual treatment plans         and monthly progress summaries.         Standardized and criterion-based tests are         used to measure gains in academic         achievement; surveys/questionnaires and face         to face meetings ensure client satisfaction. We         also offer follow-up and transitional services to         help our clients continue to make progress         after they leave ACE